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As you know it’s no secret, going on dates, getting to know one another, and building from there is tough.

First, you're nervous and anxious. (That's actually a good sign, because it means you're serious, looking for something long term and don't want to blow an important opportunity.) 

Then moving forward from that first contact is fraught with difficulties, let alone knowing where you stand and if you will ever get that call or should you make that call then keeping that person interested in you is a whole different story.

The mountains of books and videos giving you so called dating and relationship advice leave you more confused and frustrated that when you started.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Help is on its way!

Are You Ready to Change Your Life With the Relationship You Deserve?​

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Well, there's no need to imagine because it can happen.

I’m Samantha Jayne, a global dating and relationship expert for intelligent high achieving professionals. 

I’m regularly interviewed by the media for my one of a kind dating advice that gives you insight that you will never see anywhere else.  And I’m about to show you the secret success strategy to dating smart and finding love, so that you can have it all!

Forget the guides and courses. Forget the frustration and stress.  I've helped thousands of men and women reach the relationship goals they've been longing for.

With My Powerful specialised 'Attraction Secrets Mastermind" a phone call is all it takes. 

I'll solve your biggest dating problems, making breakthroughs that could otherwise take you years to discover and reveal the secret to meeting someone amazing fast!

      Here's What We'll Cover:

             Your current most pressing dating problem and how to turn it around quickly.

             Eliminate first-date nerves instead project confidence, charisma and charm

             Learn conversation starters to get past those clumsy first moments

             Master flirting and body language skills that build attraction instantly

             Create that all-important chemistry for lasting connections

             Banish insecurity and learn everything you need to know about attraction

             Learn how to keep your date interested in you in the long term so that and can't stop thinking  about you!

            I can also how you to access hard to reach singles that you won't find online or in bars or clubs. 


And so much more! 

There's nothing else like my "Attraction Secrets Mastermind" for fast amazing results.

Leave your anxiety and nervousness behind and be a confident, more attractive, alluring self-assured you!

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I can't thank you enough! I have found myself again! 

My confidence is back  and things are going strong with John. We  planning on moving in together in January! 

Debbie - Sydney

 I felt confident after our sessions of practising and you showed me the 'how-to' in doing it, it was more of my body language and the non-verbal cues over the words that I found so powerful!

And the reactions on these men! Oh that's the rewarding part :D

After our last session Paul dropped the L word!! 

I'm so happy, he is marriage material! We have such a strong bond. I've never felt so happy, thanks to you! 

Jane - Melbourne

Just thought I'd like you know Suzie and I are getting married on Friday! 

Finally I've met a girl who I adore, she is beautiful, intelligent, and kind.  Thank you!  

Michael - Sydney

With my unique coaching I can help you get results fast.  You'll learnt the secret's to creating a passionate and lasting connection. 

I'll show you  vital dating and relationship topics that give you the knowledge and insights to make those big changes forever! 

You'll also learn the step by step strategies you need to have the relationship you want with the right kind of partner. 

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